Born in 1987.. Established in 2013

“Everything you gain in life will rot and fall away and all that will be left is what was in your heart. Risk being seen in all your glory” Jim Carey

What’s this you might ask? Over time it’s become clear that there is a need out there for people to understand the world of online marketing. In my experience, even “specialists” lack basic concepts for digital and their bosses have no idea what is what in the Digital world. So I’m going to teach you everything I know and have learnt over the last 7 years of startups, marketing, online, software’s, service and just generally running a business. We are going to get technical, we are going to get creative and we are going to get silly. The journey will be one we can embark on together.


My strategy focuses on 3 areas, Google work – Social Media and conversion tracking to ensure all future plans are as effective as can be. In technology its so important that we stay up to date with the latest trends and software’s available to your industry. You could be saving millions within your company if the correct software’s are utilized in various procedures. Its also important not to get carried away with online tools and software’s, overwhelming yourself unnecessarily with 50 thousand platforms to manage. 

Marketing is not only about creating beautiful content these days. It’s about building an experience and evoking an emotion in your consumers. For Example while attending a business expo this year (before the rona), there was a door company who had clearly spent 100’s of thousands of rands on their stand. Lovely doors, all kinds, garage, house, outside, industrial. Huge stand all this money just to put a bunch of beautifully designed doors on some expensive flooring. If I was involved in this stand concept, I would have asked the question, how do I make this stand interactive, where people can utilize the products while having fun? Well, you make it a MAZE!  This way not only are your products being used at the expo by potential clients, it’s creating a memorable experience with your brands, which is what marketing at the end of the day is about. This is just one of the many brand strategy ideas I hope to share with you guys as my journey continues.

Before I waste any more of your time, it’s easy to talk about what to do, but can I actually produce results. I have in my experience seen agencies and people be very sketchy about their online stats, well here are some of my clients recent stats. As I’m sure you aware this is sensitive information, so to avoid upsetting anyone, I have removed campaign names and changed the budget currency.

AdWords and PPC campaigns

This client started with me in February 2020. A new AdWords strategy got them an epic 250% increase in paid online visitors, budget increase of less that 14% 

Conversion Tracking is an important part of online marketing. If you do not have conversions and goal tracking setup on your account, then you are loosing about 30% of the information you are able to obtain for future strategies. 

New Social Media Strategy

This client started with me March 2020, we formulated a new social strategy including content and audience information which was launched in April 2020. The above results are all organic, no paid advertising.

Making use of everyone at home during Lockdown 2020.